Two Million Missing Voters: A Call for Action

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Dear Reader:

The history of democracy in Massachusetts is a story of innovation and change. In the 1790’s, only a small percentage of us could vote. Today, we can be proud that the right to vote is broadly available to adult citizens. But we should not be proud of our voter participation rates. Nearly half of all eligible voters will sit out the November 2 elections. By strengthening our vote-counting systems with regular audits, modernizing our antiquated voter registration system, and teaching Civics in every school, we can dramatically increase voter participation. It is time to do so.

Avi Green, Executive Director

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Adam Friedman is a MassVOTE board member, a web developer for the Boston Herald, and longtime electoral reform and good government advocate. He lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.
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  1. Ricky Scott  October 10, 2011

    Hello MassVote. I am participating in the movement. I believe the only true way to fix our countries problems is for us all to be well informed and vote at every level. I would ask you please to reach out to the occupy movement and let’s use this dissent across the nation to get people to vote. Thank you.

  2. Bill Tower  December 22, 2011

    I believe that the fundamental reason for low voter turnout is that people do NOT want their options LIMITED to only 2 viable candidates (one admittedly somewhat ‘less evil’ than the other). We have to open up the voting, and LEVEL the playing field for alternatives to the same old ‘status quo’ political parties.

    One way to accomplish this is to initiate ‘Instant Run-Off Voting’ which will encourage voters to cast their votes out of Hope, rather than Fear. One can vote for his genuinely favorite candidate AND a back-up choice without risking the election of the “Greatest Evil” among the other candidates.

    • Adam Friedman  December 22, 2011

      Hi Bill,

      I’m one of MassVOTE’s board members and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Last month, MassVOTE staff and volunteers went up to Portland Maine to help educate voters about their very first instant runoff voting (ranked choice voting) election for mayor. And two years ago I co-founded a grassroots organization, the Citizens for Voter Choice, to advocate solely for instant runoff voting. Please join us by signing up at And thanks for weighing in!

  3. Nightmare  January 11, 2012

    I came to the website today and was excited to see the banners and links that bring you straight to voter registration through Rock The Vote. Very cool, helping people find direction in the voting process specifically with internet based interactions is very important in the modern day, a display of integrity in regards to said ‘Call To Action’ on behalf of the team. Thank you.

    • Avi Green  January 15, 2012

      Thanks. We are working to improve our website as best we can — thanks for pointing out the new registration widget. Wouldn’t it be great if Massachusetts actually offered online voter registration? That’s the next step we need.


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