Mitt’s at it again

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Did you hear?  This August, Mitt Romney’s campaign for President and its affiliated political action committees have listed three different $1 million contributions from shadowy front companies.  Two companies in Utah and one in Massachusetts appear to have been set up to do one thing — funnel million-dollar contributions money to the Romney campaign.  This is not the change we need.  No candidate for president should take corporate contributions.  And none should take anonymous million dollar contributions from shell companies and front groups.
This can’t stand… and it’s likely to get worse as the presidential campaign heats up.  I need your help.
Click here to sign MassVOTE’s petition to Mitt Romney and the presidential candidates.  We’re telling him and the rest of the pack that they must should refuse corporate contributions, especially anonymous, secret, million-dollar paydays.  It’s just wrong.
Thanks for standing with us in the fight,
Avi, Cheryl, Sara, Sam, and Jasmine
The MassVOTE Team


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