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We’re part of the 99%… and the 99% are getting a raw deal.

Our nation’s government should be focused on serving all of us — not just the 1%.


Want Corporations out of Politics?

The Supreme Court has ruled that corporations have the same free speech rights as people – and that corporations can spend unlimited amounts to elect politicians.  This year, the banking and finance industry alone has spent so far $237,633,878 to get laws and regulations written to benefit them.

  • We need to amend the Constitution to forbid corporate political contributions and make it clear — free speech is for people, not for corporations.  The first step is to get Congress — our Senators and Representatives — on board.
  • Protest the political spending and lobbying of corporations and get them to promise to end it.


Want to level the playing field to give the 99% the same political power as the 1%?

In 2010, it cost $1.4 million on average to win a race for US Congress in 2010.  If you weren’t a wealthy candidate, you had to spend a ton of your time raising money, and it’s the 1% who can give in $5,000 chunks.

  • Let’s have people-owned elections.  Candidates who agree to give up on all the big dollar fund-raising and raise enough small contributions should see their $5, and $10, and $50 and $100 donations matched from public money.   Senators, Members of Congress, and state legislators can pass laws to set up people-owned elections.
  • The Supreme Court has said money = speech.  They’ve said wealthy candidates have an unlimited right to spend billions.  They’re wrong.  Tell Washington to  to allow the regulation of campaign expenditures so everyone has an equal chance to have their say in elections.


Protect the political power you have right now.

Voting matters.  Your right to vote is currently under threat from some of the very politicians who are supposed to be  working for you. All over the US, people are facing obstacles to prevent them from voting and being intimidated at the polls — and these laws are aimed squarely at poor people, young people, and people of color.  We can’t let this stand.

  • Oppose laws meant to exclude people, such as those requiring voters to present current and valid government-issued photo ID.
  • Get rid of voter registration systems designed to exclude people, and let people register online.
  • Allow election day correction that protects your right to vote.  If a citizen’s name doesn’t appear on the registration list, they should be allowed to register right there on election day.
  • Make sure voting machines get audited in public so you can know your ballot was counted right, so no shenanigans, hacking, or human or mechanical errors can cause your vote to be lost or miscounted.


Use your political power.
Peaceful protest is a critical tool.  But it’s just one tool.  When you don’t vote, you make it that much easier for the 1%.

  • Register and vote – every time.
  • Educate and motivate others to vote as well.
  • Meet with elected officials and speak your mind.
  • Run for office.

MassVOTE and our allies are in the fight.  Let us know how we can help.  Email or call 617-542-8683.

Let’s get the most of this moment.


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