MassVOTE Timeline

August 10

Modernizing elections in Massachusetts

Secretary of State Galvin posts downloadable, printable Voter Registration Forms, modernizing elections in Massachusetts
October 14

2011 Boston Passes Home Rule

City of Boston passes Home Rule to fix district lines for voters.
October 11

2011 MassVOTE Avi Green Honored

MassVOTE co-director Avi Green Honored by Boston NAACP.
September 13

2011 Show ID to Vote Ruled Unconstitutional

“Show ID to Vote” Initiative Petition ruled unconstitutional by Massachusetts Attorney General after MassVOTE action.

August 18

2011 MassVOTE’s Avi Green Appointed Gov. Patrick

MassVOTE co-director Avi Green Appointed by Governor Patrick to Key State Committees to Protect Voting Rights.

April 20

2011 State Legislature Passes New Redistricting Law

State Legislature passes new redistricting law, doubling districts where people of color have clout.

April 12

2011 Secretary of State Clamps Down

Pressured by MassVOTE, Secretary of State clamps down on unfair challenges to Latino voters.

January 4

2011 State House Agrees

State House agrees to unprecedented public participation in redistricting.

August 14

2010 National Popular Vote Bill Passes in MA

National Popular Vote bill passes in Massachusetts.

July 19

2010 MassVOTE Brings Nonprofits Together

MassVOTE brings nonprofits together to educate voters, coalition wins 2 major ballot fights for social services, affordable housing, protecting $1.5 billion in services.