MassVOTE Timeline

July 11

2010 Pre-Registration for Teens Voted Out

Pre-registration for 16 and 17 year-olds is successfully voted out of the state legislature’s Joint Committee on Election Laws.
April 29

2010 MassVOTE Helps Non-profits and Service Agencies

MassVOTE helps non-profits and service agencies across the state reach out to their constituents to make sure they are counted in the 2010 Federal Census ensuring that communities have equal political representation and get the federal money they deserve.

August 27

2009 MassVOTE Leads Successful Coalition

MassVOTE leads successful coalition to seat an interim US Senator for Massachusetts, vote proves pivotal.
April 18

2009 Veteran Voting Support Act Passes

Veteran Voting Support Act passes, letting overseas service members send in scans of ballots via fax or email.
November 4

2008 MassVOTE held Get Out the Vote and Election Protection efforts

On November 4, Boston saw the highest turnout since the 1960s. MassVOTE held a huge Get Out the Vote and Election Protection efforts.
September 24

2008 MassVOTE Holds Eye on Democracy Video Contest

MassVOTE holds Eye on Democracy Video Contest, encouraging amateur filmmakers to document people’s voting experiences.
July 18

2008 MassVOTE Works with Suffolk University

MassVOTE works with Suffolk University to develop a new poll worker training and helps recruit young, people, bilingual people, and people of color to be poll workers.
June 6

2008 Election Day Registration Passed the State Senate

Election Day Registration is successfully passed of the State Senate, 33-5, before being stopped in the State House.

February 11

2008 February’s Presidential Primary

February’s Presidential Primary sees the highest turnout in two decades.
September 1

2007 MassVOTE Partners with Oisté

MassVOTE partners with a Latino civic organization, Oisté, and Suffolk University to create the Initiative for Diversity in Civic Leadership, a program that aims to give 30 people of color per year the campaign skills, policy knowledge, and network needed to help them seek elected or appointed office within the ...