MassVOTE Timeline

September 10

1999 BostonVOTE

The Voter Power renames itself BostonVOTE and launches efforts to help nonprofit organizations serving communities of color register, educate, and mobilize voters, focusing on the lowest-turnout neighborhoods in Boston.
June 10

1995 Voter Power

With support from the Access Strategies Fund and the Boston Foundation, the Commonwealth Education Project, the education and research arm of a coalition of labor unions, environmental groups, women’s groups, LGBT civil rights organizations, and community organizations starts Voter Power, a nonpartisan voter education program.
April 10

1990s Prehistory

The roots of MassVOTE’s work can be traced to the fights for racial equality and voting rights that have been a part of American history for 200 years. More recently, MassVOTE’s work is connected to Boston’s difficult racial history, including the busing fights of the 1960s and 1970s, and to ...