Fair Elections Agenda

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MassVOTE’s Recommended Legislation for 2015-2016
Please support these measures to modernize election laws and promote free and fair elections.

o We the People Act – Once again calls on the US Congress to pass a constitutional amendment affirming that Congress and the states can limit campaign spending and makes clear that corporations are not people with constitutional rights. Additionally, if Congress does not propose an amendment within 6 months, this legislation petitions for a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution by the state legislatures. (Rep. Atkins and Sen. Eldridge HD1988)

o Re-precincting Boston – Remove Boston’s outdated special exemption from re-precincting after the Federal Census. Lack of re-precincting in Boston causes long lines of voters on Election Day and wastes funds and resources by having precincts of significantly different sizes. The Boston City Council sent a home-rule petition to the State House in 2011 requesting the removal of this exemption. (Rep. Michlewitz HD 674)

o Keep voting lists up to date and target new voters through participation in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). (Rep. Moran HD 3450)

o Permanent Registration – Update the Central Voter Registry using data from the US Postal Service and the Registry of Motor Vehicles ensuring that people are registered to vote where they actually live. (Rep. Garballey HD 646, Sen. Chang-Diaz SD 391)

o Election Day Registration – Lets citizens who can provide identification register and vote on Election Day. (Rep. Fox HD 3137, Sen. Creem SD 1813)

o Modernize the redistricting process using census block data. (Rep. Moran HD 3458)

To Download a copy of our Legislative Agenda: 2015-16 MassVOTE’s Recommended Legislation (PDF)