Young Civic Leaders

The Young Civic Leaders, a MassVOTE program, gives youth the tools that they need to become leaders in their communities. Through active participation in trainings, workshops, and project-based learning, Young Civic Leaders are molded into agents of change in their communities; they organize and mobilize their peers to be more civically engaged in their neighborhoods.

YCL is an 11-month paid internship for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Each YCL member commits to working 6 hours per week, while maintaining at least a 2.5 grade average. Upon graduation and admission to college, Young Civic Leaders are eligible for a scholarship from MassVOTE.

What makes YCL Unique?

YCLers develop competencies in the following key areas:

Civic Engagement: voter education, voter registration, Get-Out-The-Vote activities and mobilization
Professional Skills Development: relationship-building/networking, grant writing, budget management, event planning and organizing
Community Engagement: organizing, relationship-building with community-based organizations and volunteerism
Media Relations: press releases, T.V. , news paper, and radio interviews
Educational Activities: workshops, field trips, trainings, research and tutoring

Meet The Young Civic Leaders:

Charlene Tavares

Dorchester • Boston Community Leadership Academy • Class of 2017

CFullSizeRenderharlene made the choice to join the Young Civic Leaders to engage herself in a new field of study and expand her knowledge and awareness of politics. Since joining the Young Civic Leaders, she has learned that individuals really can make a difference. She learned that every vote counts and that reaching out to others in the community has a big influence. Charlene believes that it is important to be civically engaged because it leads to greater community involvement.


Eurica Colon

Dorchester • Boston Latin School • Class of 2016

IMG_6126Eurica decided to become a Young Civic Leader to gain experience and learn more about civil service. She believed this would be a good opportunity to participate in the greater Boston community. From program, Eurica has expanded her communication skills and learned new ways to communicate with others in varied situations. Furthermore, Eurica thinks it is important to be civically engaged because it causes concrete changes that makes the community better for those who follow her.


Jennifer Magana

East Boston • East Boston High School • Class of 2017

FullSizeRender (2)Jennifer joined the Young Civic Leaders with the intent to expand her horizons by learning about voting and challenging herself. The program has taught her new professional skills such as public speaking methods and ways to approach the public. Additionally, she has learned the importance of voting and being involved in the community. Jennifer believes that it is important to be involved because individuals have a say over the issues and voting results in tangible changes.


Kaia Walters

Dorchester • Boston Latin Academy  • Class of 2017

FullSizeRender (1)Kaia became a Young Civic Leader to gain professional work experience. Her prior experience on her school’s debate team encouraged her to want to learn more about advocacy and public speaking. Kaia has learned that voting truly makes a difference, reaching out to the community has great influence and that being an indifferent citizen is unacceptable. She believes that citizens need to be civically involved because it is the only way to make changes and not allow the system to manipulate you.


Sawda Mohamed

Dorchester • O’Bryant High School • Class of 2017

FullSizeRender (4)Sawda joined the Young Civic Leaders to expand her public speaking skills help improve the community. The program has reinforced to her the importance of teamwork. Sawda believes that it is important to be civically involved because it allows individuals to be aware of their opportunities and responsibilities and a citizen.



We are currently recruiting! Join the movement.  Apply ASAP.

If you are a sophomore or junior in the Boston area, with an interest in civic engagement and public policy, we would love to hear from you. The Young Civic Leaders program provides a carefully selected group of young people with the opportunity to impact their communities positively. For more information, contact MassVOTE at (617) 542-8683. Students can apply by completing the YCL Application found here (Word Doc).  Guidance counselors, teachers, and PIC coordinators can also phone or email to request applications for students.

MassVOTE is a nonpartisan organization and we do not discriminate based on any protected status under state or federal law. Young Civic Leader applicants may be asked to submit to one or more of the following: a panel interview, release of official transcripts/report cards, and providing recommendations or references.  People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Contact Shaughnessy Barboza, Coordinator of YCL, at or 617-542-8683 ext. 208 with any questions